Monday, 27 September 2010

People who don't get the message.

Alright, how many of you know that one guy who seems to be a pretty okay guy most of the time? You know, he's acting normal, doing normal things, being a friend and what not. But then he gets 'relationship' problems, out of fucking nowhere, and I literally mean- NOWHERE. suddenly, he starts getting all depressed and emo-y because he doesn't have a girlfriend. What the fuck? You were perfectly fine yesterday, you pansy.

And then he asks you for advice, you tell him exactly what he needs to hear and he claims to take it all on board, and what a lie that is. He'll go right back to his creepy-ass ways of attracting a female. Rubbing his chin on her shoulder, making cat sounds, going all feminine on her. She complains, of course, tells him to go away- and then we're back to giving him advice he'll never take, aren't we? The cycle has repeated, and so, another day goes to waste.

Eventually she'll tell me she doesn't ever think she can talk to him again- says he'd done creepy shit like send hand made cards expressing his love, trying to hold her hand, and hugging her in public. And that's when we get closure. I tell her to slap his shit next time he does.

Guess who comes to me asking for help with a red hand mark on his face? Ahahaha... I, am a genius.


  1. Life is hard at times

  2. @Landlord
    Lots of things in life are hard, but longing for someone you start stalking them and not heeding the advice you're given is just being an ignorant fool!

  3. Oh god, I know exactly what you're talking about