Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A new rant!

Le gasp, it only took a month or two! Todays topic is charity workers.

Today, I was in town with a friend, y'know, like you do. We were minding our own business when all of a sudden, a freaking charity ninja garbed in blue sweater and jeans popped out of fucking nowhere.
"Hello, are you looking for work?"
I kindly replied.
"Yes, but I wouldn't work with you."
I could hear the disappointment in his voice when he replied.
"Oh. Okay."

Brilliant, one charity worker I'll never see again. Who would want to work with them? You think, 'Oh hey, a job?! Nice, I'll take it!'
But remember you'll most likely end up doing exactly what they're doing. Standing there and annoying the general public. What a way to make a name for yourself. I'll go back to my minimum wage job and stray away from the public, thank you very much! Jackass. You're the one with the shit job here, not me. I do suppose it's better than being a benefits scrounger, sitting on your ass drinking beer all day. (which is something you save for the later years of your life.)

Short rant today, but hey, I've given you one now. Lalalalalalala.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

No rant today.

Instead, I'll be getting my drink on at the pub, sing some Kareoke, and then punch someone in the face without realising it.

I'll be singing Lenny Kravits 'Fly away' tonight. Shut up, It's a great song.

Monday, 27 September 2010

People who don't get the message.

Alright, how many of you know that one guy who seems to be a pretty okay guy most of the time? You know, he's acting normal, doing normal things, being a friend and what not. But then he gets 'relationship' problems, out of fucking nowhere, and I literally mean- NOWHERE. suddenly, he starts getting all depressed and emo-y because he doesn't have a girlfriend. What the fuck? You were perfectly fine yesterday, you pansy.

And then he asks you for advice, you tell him exactly what he needs to hear and he claims to take it all on board, and what a lie that is. He'll go right back to his creepy-ass ways of attracting a female. Rubbing his chin on her shoulder, making cat sounds, going all feminine on her. She complains, of course, tells him to go away- and then we're back to giving him advice he'll never take, aren't we? The cycle has repeated, and so, another day goes to waste.

Eventually she'll tell me she doesn't ever think she can talk to him again- says he'd done creepy shit like send hand made cards expressing his love, trying to hold her hand, and hugging her in public. And that's when we get closure. I tell her to slap his shit next time he does.

Guess who comes to me asking for help with a red hand mark on his face? Ahahaha... I, am a genius.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I say what I want!

Alright, I have a blog now.

Everyone has a blog these days, it would seem. Some, if not most are to make our voices heard, some are to show off. I don't get it, why would anyone want to show off what happens in their life, as if other people need to hear about their accomplishments? I sure as hell don't care you helped your kid win the science fair today, and the people that post these kinds of things- Are so gullible! They don't realise nobody else cares either! 'Oh, that's terrific, well done!' Probably means 'For fuck sake, this shit again? Why don't you do something interesting.'

I'm not saying Pride is a bad thing, not at all. I'm just saying too much can make someone feel more important than they actually are, take a few youtube vloggers for example, to many, they are idols, Gods, if you will, they're entertainers, and they're here to make us feel better about themselves. But they aren't celebrities, as they'd so like to think they are. Not at all. They're just like that singer on the cruise ship, he's a really good guy, but he goes home a nobody at the end of the day. That's what cushions the blow for our would be celebrities-
The feeling as if they're big, they've made it. They are stars!

Of course though, there are many stars out there, these ones seem to be heading towards a black hole, because like anyone in the world, there is hate. Hate is a general factor that everyone, well... Hates! And it's okay to hate being hated, who wouldn't? Well, someone who can't take criticism, of course. Someone who believes they are gods' given gift to the world and everything they do is perfect, at the end of the day, no one is perfect. Someone needs to be hired to slap people across the face when they're in the wrong and they deny it. Hell, I'd take that job myself. It beats sitting here on my ass, then sitting there on my ass in the office at work.

Well, this is a short entry, just to tell you what I'm all about.
Pointing out the flaws of society, and being a general dick.

Mr. Tophat, over and out!